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At Noosa Cold Brew we are dedicated crafters of delicious Cold Brew Coffee. Our priority is to create a high quality product using organic ingredients wherever possible to make the best tasting and most healthful coffee product we can. That way we can spread the good cold brew cheer far and wide, bringing a superior product to savvy retailers and their coffee loving customers.

Not just coffee. How could we possibly stop there! We are continually perfecting the art of cold brewing various beverages to join our product range. You may even see a few feature partnerships during the year.

Based on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, our service is currently focused to our local area, Brisbane and surrounds. If you are outside of these areas and desperately want our product in your venue – Please contact us!


Nitro Cold Brew

Cold Brewing is a method of flavor extraction used with coffee and many other beverages which involves a very lengthy brewing time in cold temperatures. It’s a labour of love and tender care which results in a clean, refreshing coffee profile without the bitterness that can be associated to an espresso extraction.

‘Nitro’ refers to the Nitrogen used to infuse and pour the kegged product giving it the famous and theatrical Guinness cascade when poured from our tap system.

Nitro Cold Brew gives your chilled coffee experience a creamy mouth feel and a warm fuzzy feeling while you watch your cold brew cascade and settle in your glass. The perfect way to enjoy your caffeine!

We Love Nitro!

What we do

We offer installation and supply packages to retail outlets such as – but not limited to – cafes, bars and restaurants. Once installed and ready to pour we will provide chilled kegged product on an ongoing supply basis. All you need to do is pour that goodness and bask in the glory!

The system Plus The kegs Equals The beverages
The System

The System

A full installation package will include the supply of our custom kegerator including nitro system set up and featuring signature Noosa Cold Brew Copper and timber tap system. The 2-tap system allows variety of offerings to your customers.

As part of our install package we will give a demonstration to your key staff regarding the proper use and maintenance of the system. Cleaning products and a handy reference manual are included too! Easy.

The Kegs

The Kegs

Kegged beverages are chilled and distributed weekly to your venue. We swap out the empty kegs for the full kegs and you keep on pouring.

We are currently supplying 2 delicious cold brew coffee options to seduce the most discerning of coffee lovers. Coffee is a seasonal product so our offerings will change according to the supply of nature and the chase of the taste.

Being a creative and crafty bunch, naturally we are developing more delicious beverage offerings to expand the range beyond coffee. Expect to see seasonally focused beverages to keep your customers excited and inspired. Follow us on instagram to keep up to date with our current creations.

We choose stainless steel re-usable kegs to minimise the environmental impact on our planet.


Pouring this month

The purist

The Purist

Organic Single origin coffee brewed straight up clean and pure with local spring water. Sourced from organic and sustainable micro lot farms and only fair traded to support our farming friends and their communities. The regions will change upon seasonality.

The sticky

The Sticky

This organic cold brew coffee meets for a dance with our favourite spices and sticky maple. Designed for those who enjoy the spice in life. Mmmm


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